Weed and Insect Control

Practicing Integrated Pest Management (IPM), we take a scientific approach at taking care of your lawn and garden with a goal of being not only thorough, but environmentally safe. We evaluate the situation and take necessary steps treating the current problems, then also take steps to prevent further problems from arising, treating everything from weeds, to insects, above and below the ground. Our staff is licensed and trained to ensure proper application and safety.

Weed Control:

  • Pre-Emergent Spraying - Application of a weed barrier in spring or fall to prevent seasonal weeds growing in your lawn and shrub beds.
  • Post-emergent Spraying - Application of a weed control designed to kill weeds already existing in your lawn or shrub beds.
  • Mulch/Pine straw - Not only do these products give a finishing touch to your garden, but they provide a natural barrier to weeds, limiting the growth of unwanted weeds in the beds, while helping trees and shrubs retain moisture and warmth as needed.
  • Fertilizing grass, trees and shrubs - one of the best control methods is a healthy garden. A thick thriving lawn doesn't leave much room for weeds to grow in it, making it easier to eliminate the few appear before they have a chance to go to seed.

Insect and Pest Control:

Using various methods including granular applications, spraying, and selective planting, we treat and prevent pests such as:

  • Fire Ant control - Fast guaranteed results to kill colonies and keep them from spreading
  • Flea and Tick Prevention - Most common in early spring we apply a preventative measure to keep these pests from invading your house and yard protecting your children and pets.
  • Grubs, cutworms, chinch bugs and other sub-terrain insects
  • Moles
  • Squirrels and raccoons