team parker landscaping

Our Team, and what they do for you:

Parker Landscaping employs several full-time garden enhancement crews whose job it is to care for your garden during every season of the year. While keeping your landscape in the utmost condition, they also do things to ensure that you have maximum color and visual interest during each season. Here is some of what you can expect throughout the year from our team:

Spring: Service to perennials and Winter damaged shrubs, address drainage issues, soil remediation, perennial splitting, fertilization, transplanting, mulching, and small plantings of annuals, perennials, and shrubs, application of pre-emergent to prevent summer weeds.

Summer: Watering, pruning, integrate pest management programs, summer rotations of plantings in pots and gardens.

Fall: Seasonal pruning of grasses and shrubs, install cool weather plants, application of pre-emergent to prevent winter weeds, review ideas for the next growing season.

Winter: Pruning of Ornamentals and continuation of winterization.


Working with Parker Landscaping is great. Their work is excellent, and we know the job will get done when they say it will get done." - John Smith

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